Agrippa - De Occvlta Philosophia. Vol. III - Ceremonial Magic

Agrippa - De Occvlta Philosophia. Vol. III - Ceremonial Magic

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    Translated and introduced by Paul Summers Young

    Cover Design by Alice Winkler


    Second Edition


    Theirs is a spiritual body, but a tangible one, such that it may be cut; the wound will close like air or water, but they will still experience pain, and so fear the edge of any sword or bladed weapon. Virgil has his Sibyl warn Aeneus:

    Do thou go on thy way and draw thy sword.


    In the Third Book of Occult Philosophy, Agrippa arrives at the topic of Ceremonial Magic, and our relationship with the invisible world. In particular, it is here Agrippa expands on the Kabbalah and the idea of union with the personal genius. 


    Each Volume has a detailed index at the end of the book.


    Hardcover bound in Wine-Red Geltex
    Measures 100x160 mm
    120 gram black Endpapers
    Printed on 115 g wood free, age resistant Munken Premium Cream paper
    Sewn Book Block
    Black Bookmark and Headbands
    Gilded on the front, back and spine

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