Timothy Harley – Moon Lore


Timothy Harley – Moon Lore

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    Cover Design by Sarah B. Bolen

    First Edition, limited to 250 Hand-numbered Copies.


    First published in 1885.


    Written just eighty-four years before Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, this is a Victorian collection of moon lore: myths, folklore, superstitions and just plain whimsy from all lands. Although contemporary astronomers had fairly well wrapped up the question of whether there was water and air on the moon, Harley, an admirer of Galileo Galilei, still suspected that the moon was inhabited. However, there was still much that was unknown about the moon until the first probes were crash-landed on it (for instance, whether the surface was covered with vast, deep layers of dust). So we shouldn’t feel too smug, even though we’ve played golf there. The universe will continue to surprise us.


    Hardcover bound in blue geltex
    Measures 140x215 mm
    120 gram black Endpapers
    Printed on 115 g wood free, age resistant Munken Premium Cream paper
    308 Pages
    Sewn Book Block
    Golden ribbon marker and Headbands
    Gilded on the front and spine
    Index includes 750 keywords



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