Natural Magick - Giambattista della Porta


Natural Magick - Giambattista della Porta

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    Cover design and first page illustrated by Andrei Bouzikov

    Illustrations by Lea Pieper

    First Edition, limited to 250 Hand-numbered Copies.


    A beautiful new edition of Giambattista della Porta's most famous work „Natural Magick“ from 1558, limited to 250 hand numbered copies.


    This Black Letter Press Publication is based on the edition from 1658 but includes the complete chapter „Lamiarum Unguenta“ („Witches Unguent“) in latin and english translation in the Appendix.


    Hardcover bound in moss-green geltex

    Printed on wood free and age resistant Munken Premium Cream paper, 

    Gilded on front and spine

    Green ribbon marker and headbands

    480 Pages

    Measures 17,6 x 24,6 cm



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