W. B. Yeats - On Magic & The Occult

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This selection comprises: Wanderings of Oisin (1889), Magic (1901), Rosa Alchemica (1913), The Mountain Tomb (1914), Ego Dominus Tuus (1919) and many more.

W. B. Yeats - On Magic & The Occult

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    Edited by Claudio Rocchetti

    First Edition, limited to 250 Hand-numbered Copies.


    Scholars of poetry don’t often follow Yeats out onto the treacherous ground of his esotericism, and yet doing so is one of the main interpretative keys to the Yeatsian worldview. Images arising from its symbolism are still too often read as personally subjective, while the poet himself constructs a path of knowledge grounded in Kabbalistic and Hermetic tradition, and in particular the Rosicrucian renaissance of alchemy and magic, as practised by Maier in Germany, and Fludd and Ashmole in England.


    Those who have approached the magical side of the poet have often stopped on the threshold of ‘A Vision’; here, we try to provide an overview of the work that led to that vision, a small compendium mapping the poet’s thought.


    Hardcover bound in Yellow Tasmania Textile
    Measures 100x160 mm
    120 gram black Endpapers
    Printed on 115 g wood free, age resistant Munken Premium Cream paper
    250 Pages
    Sewn Book Block
    Black Bookmark and Headbands



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