We are a small, independent publisher based in Germany, found by Alice Winkler and Claudio Rocchetti with the publication of Giambattista della Portas "Natural Magick" in 2019.

We specialize on the revive of unusual, old and rare books on a broad range of topics, like the sciences and the history of science, poetry, occult philosophy, art, curious and peculiar novels and more.

We produce limited editions whose materials, design and typography are chosen carefully as an homage to the ancient tradition of book making and the elegance of old times. The design is made in house with a strong focus on typography and we are working with Artists from all over the world for the cover designs to ensure a product that is aesthetically recognizable. For many books, we work side by side with Translators of the highest standard that support us digging deep in the original French, Italian or Latin manuscripts  to bring the old texts back in new light. Our mission is to preserve historical texts in a way that is respectful to its history and yet affordable to make knowledge accessible to everybody.

From October 2019 on, our books will be printed and bound to the highest quality by Grafiche Veneziane in Venice, Italy.

We're looking forwards to many more discoveries and the publication of more beautiful books.

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