The Winner to our Book Cover Contest is the psychedelic
Artwork of the 
Marco Sabbatani.

We fell in love with Marcos Design right away. It is not beautiful or clean in the common sense. But neither are Baudelaire poems in The Flowers of Evil. We had to think on the Poem Destruction and on Damned Women, while looking at his proposal, in which the speaker is calling out to Bacchus, the god of wine. He compares the incapacitating effects of wine and opium to the seductive power of women over men. Evoking Satan, the speaker insists that, Sometimes, knowing my great love of Art, he takes / The form of the most seductive woman, / And, using a cynic's specious pretexts, / Accustoms my lips to the infamous potion.


We couldn’t be more happy with the Design and we're looking forwards to present a mockup and the presale soon.

Thank you again to all the other wonderful artists.

We hope to work with one or the other in the future!

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