Herman Melville – Timoleon & Other Ventures in Minor Verse

Herman Melville – Timoleon & Other Ventures in Minor Verse

  • First Edition, limited to 250 Hand-numbered Copies.


    Timoleon & Other Ventures in Minor Verse is a collection of poems by Herman Melville, privately published by the Caxton Press in 1891 in an edition of only twenty-five copies. They were composed immediately after Melville's travels in Europe and the Middle East (1856), and in part thirty years later when he resigned his post as a customs inspector (1885). 

    These poems belong to that period of Melville's life when he had attained technical maturity as a poet. The title is taken from Plutarch's Life of Timoleon, and the work is clearly indebted to Shakespeare for the figure of Brutus; the collection as a whole dwells on solitude, and is infused with a profound sense of pessimism.


    ​Hardcover bound in printed Marbled Paper
    Measures 100x160 mm

    Light green, 120 gram Endpapers

    Printed on 115 g wood free, age resistant Munken Premium Cream paper

    Sewn book block
    Ribbon marker

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