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Spiritus Mundi

Explore the "collective unconscious".

Hidden Paths Denis Poisson Foolish Fish

Hidden Paths

Practical tips on how to develop your own connections to a conscious Universe in order to follow your own path, with an introduction by Josephine McCarthy.

Denis Poisson's Esoteric Saturday video series on Foolish Fish YouTube, launched in 2019, delves into hidden paths with a pragmatic perspective. Poisson emphasizes the need to discern genuine esoteric knowledge from deceptive practices, cautioning viewers against exploitation. He challenges conventional beliefs about consciousness and offers alternative perspectives on understanding the world. Poisson provides practical tips for exploring beyond the mundane, connecting with a conscious Universe, and forging a unique path. "Hidden Paths" compiles transcripts from Foolish Fish's popular videos, covering topics from personal experiences to breaking free from dogmatic indoctrination and offering practical advice for influencing real-world outcomes.

Agrippa - De Occvlta Philosophia. Vol. I–IV

De Occulta Philosophia. Vol. I–IV

A New and Complete Translation. This set contains all four Volumes of De Occulta Philosophia. Each Volume has a detailed index at the end of the book.

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy has exerted a fascination for centuries. Our new translation from the Latin of the 1533 edition aims to make this foundational work accessible to a new, wider audience.


We are publishing the text in three volumes, along with a fourth containing the apocryphal Fourth Book, and other magical texts by, or attributed to, Agrippa.

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